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Where and How to Buy Wholesale and Surplus Products at Pennies on the Dollar For ANYONE Wanting to "Pocket" Some Extra Ca$h!

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From: Chad Maslak

Surplus Products If you're wanting to start or grow your business or "pocket" some extra cash but
not sure where or how to find and buy products to resell for profit...


Dear Friend and Aspiring Entrepreneur,

Subject: Discover the in's and out's of buying wholesale, bulk surplus, liquidated and bulk wholesale products to resell for mega profits!

The Most Comprehensive Buying, Selling and Product Sourcing Guides on the Internet Reveals All You Need To Know To Start and Grow Your Surplus, Liquidation and Wholesale Business Today!

Leading Industry Guide Reveals HOW & WHERE TO BUY BULK PRODUCTS AT PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR to resell for mega profits...

Without losing your shirt and a wad of cash with it!

You're about to discover information that has turned the eBay guru's and Powerseller's on their heads!

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You probably want to make some extra cash or start an internet, flea market or brick and mortar business but don't know where or how to buy products to resell without getting burned and losing your shirt and a wad of cash with it!

I'm not talking about a list of surplus, liquidations or wholesale product sources and links, I'll give you all that, but I'm going to tell you exactly HOW TO BUY SURPLUS, LIQUIDATION AND WHOLESALE MERCHANDISE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SHIRT and HOW to sell them for maximum profits!


As an eBay trainer, the number one question I regularly receive from my readers is: “What can I sell on eBay?”

Your guide on how people can locate surplus, liquidation, and wholesale goods is hands down the best one that I have come across to help answer this question.

Selling liquidated, refurbished, and closeout goods on eBay has always been my favorite method of making money on eBay, and I love how you spell it all out... All meat – no fluff!

I give it my double-thumbs up, HIGHLY recommended rating!
Great job Chad!

Best Regards,
Mike Enos

Founder of www.PlatinumPowerSeller.com and www.AuctionTNT.com
The top 2 sites for eBay sellers

Mike Enos

Mike Enos Did receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and Is a marketing affiliate for Surplus 2 Profits / The "Ultimate" Insiders Surplus, Liquidation & Wholesale Buying To Resell for Mega ProfitsGuide

You see there is a huge misconception that all you have to do is find WHERE to buy products so you can resell them and make a lot of money. If it was that easy, most people who do it would still be doing it. The fact is that most people LOSE money because they didn't know what they were doing BEFORE they got in the game and they got burnt because... they didn't know what they were doing! This business is like any other business. There are things you MUST know if you want to succeed!

If you're like most people searching to make some extra money selling on eBay or online auction sites, or maybe just wanting to make some extra cash or even start selling products at flea markets or by starting your own brick and mortar business, you may be looking for the perfect wholesale, surplus, or drop shipping sources but you don't have a clue how to find them, not to mention knowing what to do with them if you did find them!

Heck, you may just want to find dirt cheap products to keep for yourself or give away as gifts. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, almost every electronic item including my garbage disposal has come from surplus products. Even my two Sony Vaio's I operate my online businesses on came from surplus product! ; ) I've even stashed cologne, electric razors, saws, you name it. All of these items were brand new of which I paid pennies on the dollar. Here are some of my treasures... 

Wholesale Products

Samsung 47" Widescreen Projection TV

Surplus Inventory

Samsung 36" Flat Screen TV


20" Toshiba FlatScreen TV DVD VCR Combo

Wholesale Business
Components of a Brand New Kenwood Home Theater System

Wholesale Dealers
surplus electronics

A few brief examples of items you can expect to find and profit from in surplus and liquidation loads. These are various types of items I have purchased from 15 to 25 cents on the dollar in various categories such as electronics, appliances, clothing, tools and more and sold for profit. These are only a very small sampling of products you can expect to find!
wholesale electronics
surplus camcorders
liquidation items
closeout items
Wholesale Products
wholesale Surplus
Wholesale Lots
Closeout Merchandise
Bulk Wholesale
Salvage Merchandise
Surplus Merchandise
Wholesale Clothing
Wholesale Buying
Shelf Pulls
Overstock Products
Overstock Merchandise
Customer Returns
Overstock Electronics
Buy Wholesale
Buy Surplus
Buy Closeout
Buy Overstock

The problem is I kept a lot of these. Do you realize how much money I could have made if I would have sold these? OK, at least I didn't have to pay anywhere close to WHOLESALE, let alone RETAIL ; ) Did you catch that? I hope a light just went off in your head.

I realize if you're reading this, you want to make money right?

Well, most people believe they can build a business on the fact that they can "score" "hot" retail merchandise at wholesale or below wholesale prices or for pennies on the dollar and make a fortune selling them on eBay without having a clue of HOW TO BUY THEM!

The thought is if I can just find out WHERE to find the "hot selling" items, I'd start an eBay business so I can quit my full time job and stay at home and have freedom!

Is that really the truth?

What most people don't realize is the EASY part IS FINDING the products! Look around the world, there are billions of products sold everyday! They come from somewhere and someone is buying them to resell. You just need to know WHERE to get them and HOW to buy them at low enough prices to resell for large profit!

The problem is that most people don't understand that the money is made when you BUY the products for resell!

Most people will find a supplier, buy without having a clue what they're doing and many end up in a world of financial hurt because they didn't know what no one told them they SHOULD know! Most hype on the internet wants you to believe that if you buy "our wholesale lists", you can get access to all of these products that'll make you a ton of money!

I have been selling on eBay profitably since 1999 and am currently a Gold PowerSeller. I also wrote a best selling book about wholesale sourcing, called The Wholesale Buying System.

So I know the game – or at least I thought I did until I read Chad’s book. The 220+ pages opened my eyes to the real opportunities in sourcing and selling liquidation and surplus goods. I realized I have been only scratching the surface.

I thought I knew who all the players were in the surplus game, but Chad’s list introduced me to dozens of new sources I didn’t realize were out there – several of them direct players so you don’t have to deal with middlemen.

Sourcing and selling surplus goods can be fraught with risks, but Chad shows you how to tame the risks, learn the right questions to ask and find the goods where you can make 50% to as much as 300% margins – if you buy right – and buy the right goods.

I have added a permanent link to Chad’s book to the resource page for my readers and clients.

Skip McGrath,
eBay username McGrrrrr

Skip McGrath Did receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and Is a marketing affiliate for Surplus 2 Profits / The "Ultimate" Insiders Surplus, Liquidation & Wholesale Buying To Resell for Mega ProfitsGuide

The fact of the matter is, though it is true you can make money on eBay selling surplus and liquidated goods if you do it right, you can also lose your shirt and not to mention a wad of cash along with it!

There are too many horror stories of people losing thousands of dollars to fraudulent wholesalers and scammers because they don't know what they're doing because they don't know how to buy and resell! I don't want you to become another statistic!

No matter if you're looking to buy 1 pallet, 15 pallets or 100 pallets of bulk product, there's always a risk involved and if you don't know what you're doing, you're at a higher risk to LOSE money even on products that look like a "gold mine" of profit!

How do I know?

I've been purchasing in bulk products for years and reselling them for profits and yes, I've made some large profits. But let me also tell you, after spending over hundreds of thousands of dollars in bulk product purchases for resell, I've learned some things that I wish someone would have told me before I began. Things that no one will tell you because they want to sell you "their goods" at the pitch of making a fortune reselling "their products"!


I've lost money and dealt with loads of stress from making costly mistakes because I didn't have the knowledge that I do now when it comes to buying in bulk to resell.

You may be thinking right now like I used to think... if I could just find out where to get products from...

BUT, without the proper knowledge of how to find the "right" products and how to buy AND sell them, you may be shocked to learn that you could be in for a big catastrophe and disappointment!

In THE "ULTIMATE" INSIDERS SURPLUS, LIQUIDATION & WHOLESALE BUYING TO RESELL FOR MEGA PROFITS GUIDE, I'm going to share this knowledge with you! I'm NOT only going to tell you WHERE to find products to resell, (that's the easy part), but the most important part, I'm going to tell you HOW to buy those products to keep you from losing your investment and HOW you can beat your competition reselling them!

I'll take you from the basics to the in depth detail that many surplus dealers don't want you to know!

"I found your e-book to be very informative...much more so than E___ S_________ and E___ M__________. Thank you for delivering such a quality book!" Stacy W, from Missouri
(Names of books mentioned intentionally deleted for privacy purposes)


Do NOT purchase ANY bulk wholesale merchandise OR ANY supplier list without knowing this information...

  • How To Buy Surplus, Liquidated and Wholesale Merchandise Without Getting Burned! No matter which country you live in, this information is applicable to you to!

  • The Key Formula for Making Big Money on eBay with Surplus, Liquidated and Wholesale Merchandise!


  • The most common misconception of bulk buying! THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHOLESALE, SURPLUS & SALVAGE BUYING! Misunderstand this and you WILL lose a lot of money!

  • Key Tips on Products you MUST KNOW... or you'll be eating your shirt and crying at the cash you just lost!

  • The Keys to Money Making Loads that will put cash in your pocket!

  • How to Know if a Product Will Sell or if it will be sitting in your garage waiting for the next neighborhood garage sale!

  • How To Locate Profitable Surplus, Liquidated and Wholesale Products!

  • How to Purchase Surplus, Liquidated and Wholesale Inventory Product!

  • How to Buy and Sell Surplus Merchandise to turn your investment back into profits!

  • How to Maximize your Profits with any Product!

  • How and why you MUST Understand and Calculate Your Most Important Document! If you don't know this, you
    might as well spit into the wind and hope it doesn't come back in your face!

  • What You Must Do Before Getting Involved with A Company and Making Payment!

  • How to Handle the Necessary Evil of Freight! Learn to
    reduce your costs that will eat into your profits!


You may have read the online hype and seen many of the product wholesale lists to "secret" wholesaler sources the Powersellers don't want you to know that supposedly reveal the eBay Powersellers "secret product sources". You may have even purchased one of those "how to sell on ebay guides" for a buck or two. I'm sure you've seen them if you've looked on eBay.

You see, I literally get emails every week on a consistent basis from people who are frustrated and burnt out trying to find legitimate suppliers or products to resell to start a business buying and reselling products either on eBay, at their local flea market or retail shop.

The problem is they run across these same exact cheap wholesale lists from some internet hype promoting the latest greatest wholesale lists to "secret" sources the Powersellers don't want you to know" that supposedly reveals eBay Powersellers "secret product sources".

First of all, are you seriously trying to convince me a true source guide selling for $2.99, $4.99 or even 99 cents is legitimate? PLEASE…!!!!!!!

Do you think you're really going to find anything there to make money?

What happens is at the end of the day, no matter if you've purchased the cheap $3.99 wholesale list or not, you find that you've wasted a lot of time and find yourself frustrated, burnt and losing confidence in being able to find a legitimate product because 99.9% of the time you aren't able to find products that you can buy cheaper than what they are selling for on eBay!

Second of all, did you really think you're going to find anything there to make money? Again... PLEASE...!!!!!!!

Most of that information has been rehashed and floating around the net for years. Most, if not all of that trash isn't worth a fake $3.00 bill! Listen, I've had about enough of that nonsense.

This is one thing that I do know. I've had several people ask me: "Where can I find those secret wholesale sources" or "Where can I learn those Powerseller secrets"?

I'm always surprised at the shock on their face when I tell them that there really are no "secret wholesale sources," or "Powerseller secrets" information on the market today that will give you instant monetary gratification! There are no one or two pieces of key information for you to discover so you can "unlock the treasure chest" of instant riches.

In fact, I'll go far enough to tell you that there really are no secrets period! You see the only thing that makes something a secret is keeping it hidden from someone else, right? Well, if that's what determines a secret, I'm going to reveal to you that information, so no one else can claim there are secrets! And if I can't, then I will recommend you to someone who will!

Hi Chad,

I am glad that I purchased your book because if I didn't I would have lost a lot of money! Your book and bonuses are very powerful and helpful information. I just wanted to thank you!

Mark V.

Listen, the reason why the word secrets is used is because it's a keyword that triggers positive response when people read sales copy. That's why you see it overdone on the internet.

The fact of the matter is that the people who have achieved success selling online or have achieved the status of "Powerseller" did it through desire, drive, determination, personal motivation, research, and persistence. The combination of these will ultimately determine your success.

While there are no "secret sources" of product supply, there are, however, industry specific sources that are not well known to the general public. It's just that those who do know may not say anything about them.

Well, not only am I going to reveal these to you, I'm going to tell you how to deal with them for your benefit. In fact I am also going to reveal sources to you that even very few, if any, who claim to have "the secrets" even know about. And you know what, I'm not even going to tell you I'm revealing any secrets to you.

Why? Because it's not a secret! I'm not trying to hide it from you! It's simply an issue of doing the research, finding the information, learning it and putting it into practice. Fortunately for YOU, I have already done the research and compiled the information! All you need to do is to learn it and put it into practice!

Plus, I have even made it easy for you because I have presented inside industry information in a clear and simple way with a direct and clear cut, no holds barred and NO FLUFF - call it as it is NO BS approach!

In other words, you'll discover the truth and nothing but the WHOLE truth!

This is the most comprehensive buying and selling and product sourcing guides you'll find on the internet... HANDS DOWN PERIOD!

Here is some of what you'll find in this expanded international industry leading guide!

  • You'll discover the source to purchase QVC liquidated products from. Yes, just about any QVC product you see on QVC television! You can purchase their surplus straight from them!

  • Listings to thousands of U.S. and U.K. surplus dealers and wholesale suppliers where you'll discover hundreds of thousands of products plus MORE!


  • I'll reveal the major reclamation centers where you'll discover most of the major department stores such as Kohls, K-Mart, Sears, Wal-Mart, JCPennys, Macy's, Bloomingdales and several other stores and major manufacturers liquidate their surplus merchandise through for pennies on the dollar! Yes, this is real name brand stuff for pennies on the dollar!

  • I'll show you 100 hot niches you can outright steal and dominate!

  • Discover a wealth of Wholesale Directory and Search Portal Sites that will lead you to hundreds of thousands of products! Try these search sites and you'll find just about anything imagineable! You'll have no excuse for not being able to find a product to sell!

  • Listings to directories and resource links to find thousands of traders, importers, exporters, manufacturers, trade companies, service providers, wholesalers and surplus dealers. Hundreds of thousands of products available to choose from!

  • Learn how to protect yourself from fraud with these
    internet resources!


So no matter where YOU live in the world, this info applies to you!

Here is some of what you'll find in this expanded international version...

  • Listings to almost 1000 U.K. surplus dealers and wholesale supplier sources to hundreds of thousands of products available in the U.K.!

  • Discover the major reclamation centers in the U.K. where major retail stores in the U.K. liquidate their products too and how YOU can pick up those products for pennies on the dollar!

  • Discover international trade and industry directories providing information and details on how to buy and sell
    from different countries!


You see the reason why most people who want to get in the game don't know about them is because one of the first things they do is to search on their favorite search engine. You may have done that. The problem is these sources will not appear in search engine listings because they don't care about coming up in search engine results. In fact, one of the major suppliers that supplies huge amounts of surplus and salvage merchandise from major department stores for pennies on the dollar doesn't even list their reclamation site!

Even though there are legitimate surplus brokers and companies listed highly in the search engines, most aren't. Many of the ones who are, are simply middlemen out to rob you of your hard earned money by hiking up the prices on you. They don't have a warehouse, a store or even a legitimate business.


Let's pretend for a second that you did come across a gold mine or manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers and a gold mine of products to resell. How do you know what to do with that information when you get it? Just because you found a supplier, doesn't mean you don't risk losing money unless you know how to play the game.

In THE "ULTIMATE" INSIDERS SURPLUS, LIQUIDATION & WHOLESALE BUYING TO RESELL FOR MEGA PROFITS GUIDE, I'm not only going to show you where to find products for wholesale, liquidation, closeout, drop shipping sources and the like from legitimate companies, but this is NOT a cheap wholesale list of product sources...

I'm also going to explain the business of how to buy and resell these products for profit no matter if you're just starting out or growing your existing business!

I'm going to give you information that you will NOT find anywhere else on the web!

How do I know?

Because just like many of the frustrated people who have contacted me regarding their frustrations, I've spent countless hours at websites doing research and getting frustrated because NO ONE is giving away their experience and knowledge when it comes to buying bulk products! In fact, most people might as well rub an empty glass bottle and hope a genie appears to grant 3 wishes because that's how many people buy bulk product! Rub the bottle and hope you get something good!

Hi Chad,

I have a small retail warehouse and am interested in buying by the truck load or pallets. I plan to have a small retail store to sell them to vendors that sell at flea markets. I recently purchased a book from you and have found it to be of great insight for my business. Thank you.

Ben P. from Maryland

I will give you information gained from experience that will give you an enormous advantage when purchasing in bulk that will greatly reduce your risk of losing your money and your shirt!

Here's an example:

Who else will show you pages from their personal manifests and reveal to you how to "run" the numbers to know if your product load will be profitable before you even purchase it?


Do NOT buy ANY pallet or bulk pallet load without knowing how to use this information!

Too many people have lost a lot of money and ended up with junk products that couldn't even be given away at a garage sale! How do I know?

Because I've been there and I've heard the horror stories from real people asking me how I've done it. The horror stories are out there! Well, THE "ULTIMATE" INSIDERS SURPLUS, LIQUIDATION & WHOLESALE BUYING TO RESELL FOR MEGA PROFITS GUIDE is my answer to how I've done it!

Yes, I've made money, but I've also lost money. I've lost money I shouldn't have and wouldn't have had I been armed with the knowledge that I'm revealing in THE "ULTIMATE" INSIDERS SURPLUS, LIQUIDATION & WHOLESALE BUYING TO RESELL FOR MEGA PROFITS GUIDE.

With all the questions I have gotten from people over the years, about buying bulk merchandise and reselling on eBay to make money, I've realized that there are a lot of misconceptions!

I've decided to answer these questions once and for all! However, I'm not going to just answer the questions, I'm going to add a lot more to it.

I'm going to give you the answers to questions you NEVER thought to ask because NO ONE EVER told you to ask! AND... without the experience, you won't KNOW to ask!


In it, you'll find all you need to know about how to buy, where to buy, what to buy and how to sell it once you buy it to maximize your profits! After you read this book, you'll be armed with the knowledge of not only where to find and purchase bulk products but also how to do it right! You'll also be armed with the knowledge to become a discount distributor yourself!

You'll learn how NOT to get scammed out of your hard earned money!

Remember that finding product merchandise is not the biggest problem you have. Look around the world, there are billions of products available! You just need to know how to get them and where to get them. You'll no longer see that as your biggest problem after reading this book!

Your biggest problem when it comes to finding products is KNOWING HOW TO BUY THEM!



  • Teach you how to diversify your business with sales from other means of sources that you can automate!

  • Teach you how to grow your business using other streams of revenue!

  • Save you money by teaching you the in's and out's of how
    to buy bulk products to resell! Don't lose money by making unnecessary mistakes!

  • Save you time researching companies to buy product from! You can find them on the internet for FREE but how do you know they'll be honest with you about what you're buying? Do you know how to determine if you should work with them or not? I'll show you!

  • Save you the unnecessary headache of beating your head against the wall trying to figure out what to buy to resell.

  • Teach you how to hustle the surplus shark! No longer will you be at risk from being hustled by the shark!

  • Reveal to you what the best time of year is to purchase bulk products!

  • Help you to profit by giving you new ways to sell your bulk products!

  • Eliminate costly mistakes!


The choice is yours!

You can buy the cheap wholesale lists, spend countless hours researching the internet for companies that you're not sure about, risk losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars hoping to find the "lucky gold nugget" in a mud puddle in the largest city in the world...

You can keep wishing and hoping to find that "ultimate" source of product to make that extra cash or start that online auction business you've always dreamed about but just don't know where to look or know what to do.

If you don't know what you're doing, you'd be better off spending your time chasing ghosts than searching for products that you think will make you a fortune without knowing what you're doing!

Even if you want to simply make an extra few bucks a month, an extra $500.00 a month or make it your full time job, THE "ULTIMATE" INSIDERS SURPLUS, LIQUIDATION & WHOLESALE BUYING TO RESELL FOR PROFITS MEGA GUIDE will give you the knowledge you NEED to succeed!

Unless you want to spend countless hours learning the hard way taking unnecessary risks like I did and spending years figuring out how, where and what, then you don't need this guide!

But doesn't it make a lot more sense to skip the learning curve and minimize your risk of losing a lot of money?

The choice is yours...

BUT WAIT! Before I go any further...

I haven't even mentioned these amazing FREE BONUSES...




  • Why you MUST understand HOW the drop shipping process works and HOW to determine if you should use dropshipping for your auction business! If you don't do this right, you'll blow money in advertising fees and won't sell a thing!

  • How to properly use drop shipping for your auction business to grow your profits!

  • How to avoid being ROBBED BLIND when it comes to drop shipped products! This is a common danger to drop shippers that will eat into your profits faster than 1000 termites eating the foundation of your house! If you're not aware of this danger, your house will fall!

  • How to determine your profit margin to decide if a product is worthwhile to dropship!

  • How to avoid the "nightmare problem" common to drop shippers and KEY TIPS on how use this to grow your business!

  • How to leverage the relationship of your drop shipping sales rep to beat your competition!

  • Key TIPS on how to drop ship! Don't learn by costly mistakes!

  • Sources and listings to "LEGITIMATE" drop ship companies that will give you access to hundreds of thousands of products! This information alone sells for over $50.00 on a subscription basis!
Valued at $99... yours FREE!



  • How to import foreign made products to resell in the U.S.

  • Learn how to get FREE imported products to resell for nearly 100% profit! This information alone sells for $39.00!

  • How to determine if importing is right for you!
    Understand the good, the bad and the ugly of importing!

  • How to find thousands of import manufacturers and any product you can imagine!

  • How to understand and decrease your freight costs when importing!

  • Special source listings to import specialty jewelry manufacturers! HOT UNIQUE, NICHE MARKET items that don't require a large import investment and that are IN limited supply in the U.S. This information alone easily sells for over $40.00!

  • Resource links to companies that will help you import your goods!

  • MORE!
Valued at $79... yours FREE!



  • Learn the serious 4 step blueprint you must NOT ignore if you want to enhance your chances for success!

  • Learn the great principle to strategizing to success!

  • Why having a plan is critically important to your business success!

  • How to leverage your profits with the use of automation!
Valued at $29... yours FREE!


MP3 AUDIO INTERVIEW on how to quickly and easily create "streaming audio" for your eBay auctions like a pro and make your eBay auctions stand out from the crowd!

  • Yes, I was interviewed by the owner of MP3 Soundstream on adding audio to your eBay auctions just like the professionals with no knowledge of programming required!

Highly Valuable... yours FREE!


As if the interview isn't enough , here are 5 actual MP3 Audio examples of how I used audio in my auctions and on my eBay About Me Page!

  • I will include 5 different examples of using audio to help you get higher profits out of your eBay auctions plus an Audio for your eBay ABout Me Page!

  • Check out these bonuses and I'll tell you where to get my FREE information to learn how to use all of this and where to get the tools to do it FREE!

  • Note: The MP3 audios are for your reference only and not to include in your auctions. You can copy what I say verbatim if you wish using what applies to you, but you'll want to use your own voice and words in accordance for you own business. Heck, you'll take it and spin your own creative way to use audio in ways I never dreamed of! This is for you to get a quick start!

    Follow the instructions for the FREE information mentioned above and you'll be on your way in no time using audio on your website and in your auctions!

Valued at $129... yours FREE!



  • You will have access to ANY and ALL updated information or changes to the guide!

I know you must be thinking, why in the world am I giving away this information?

I've been asked several times by those who are curious as to why I am giving away this knowledge. I've also been told I'm crazy for putting this out there.

OK, I know it may not make me popular with some people, but the answer has multiple parts.

First, you know what? I've been burned more than once and NO MORE!!!! Too many people have asked me about this and I don't want anyone to get burned like I have!

Second, I'm sick of all the internet "hype" of companies telling you this product and that product is hot so buy them from us and you'll line your pockets with cash!

Third, Not only do I believe in helping people out, but I like to leverage my efforts with the efforts of others so I can profit as well. If I can help you make money, you will help me make money! Does that sound fair?

You see, here's the difference between what I'm doing and what a lot of wholesale and surplus companies or liquidators are NOT doing. I'm going to tell you the truth!

You see, I have sold bulk product loads in the past and have actually refused to sell products that I KNEW were junk! If I wouldn't buy it, I didn't sell it! I refused to profit off of people's misfortune.

Who else do you know that would say that OR do that?

Unfortunately I haven't had that luxury.

The danger is there are many surplus and liquidation dealers out there that will try to sell you anything for the sake of making a quick buck. To be upfront with you, there may be some like that listed in this guide as it's impossible to screen out ethics. There are so many listed and with the law of numbers, reality says there is a chance you may run across someone trying to be dishonest.

However, knowing the information in this guide and how to buy to profit will keep you from getting taken to the bonfire and burnt like a dried up marshmallow and losing a lot of money leaving you with a dried up bank account!

I've included over 800 direct sources in the U.S. alone plus over 800 direct sources for U.K. suppliers as well! I've also included listings to various international sources!

The bottom line is you will have access to literally hundreds of thousands of true legitimate products from reputable suppliers. This includes the "true sources" that you have been looking for that you think are the "secret Powerseller sources"!

Well, now you've found what you've been searching for! Plus I've also included over 30 fraud and internet sources to check companies out before you work with them so you'll protect your hard earned cash and savings!

What I'm telling you is that you NOW HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES NOT TO GET IN THE GAME and make that extra money you've been wanting to make.


If you answered "YES" about wanting to skip the learning curve and you're really serious about purchasing in bulk to resell for profit or if you're serious about beginning your own home based business reselling surplus products, then you need to


The value of the five additional bonus materials alone make this offer a can't pass up deal!


Valued at $79... yours FREE!



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People have told me I'm crazy for revealing the information in THE "ULTIMATE" INSIDERS SURPLUS, LIQUIDATION & WHOLESALE BUYING TO RESALE FOR PROFITS GUIDE, and even more crazy for giving away the FREE bonuses with it!

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Surplus Testimony Hi Chad,

"I really enjoy getting your newsletter. I get so many others that maybe 1 in 10 actually interest me much, but yours I'll read each time...

Take care and all the best."

Hello Chad,

I rarely do this (contact the author of an e-book) but I feel it’s necessary. Where do I start?

I had an eBay business three years ago that failed because I didn’t have the information needed at the time to make it successful. I lost money on a course that charged me $500.00! It was complete garbage and needless to say I never got a refund. But eBay gets in your blood and I knew there was money to be made if I was armed with the “right” information.

I have since gone into affiliate marketing, then website design and finally internet marketing, but even though I have the knowledge part of me always wanted to go back and do it right. Now I can!

Your book is amazing; it’s thorough and concise and does not mince words. I learned more than I thought possible and I have read it 3 times and I learn something each time. So I wanted to thank you, thank you for giving me back my dream and I know now I will succeed.

Katharine S.

Ps. Because I have been in internet marketing I have it on good authority you can easily charge $97.00 and up so consider raising your price I know it’s worth it and more.


Surplus 2 Profits book Hi Chad,

I am glad that I purchased your book because if didn't, i would have lost a lot money! Your book and bonuses are very powerful and helpful information. I just wanted to thank you!

Mark V.B.


Surplus Buying Guide Chad,

I know that you are very busy, if you could spare a moment for me that would be great. I purchased your ebook "The Ultimate Surplus Buying Guide" and am on the newsletter - it has been a wonderful resource for me -Thanks!

Thank you for providing great resources that are going to help me achieve my dreams.
Best Regards,

Jeff O


Purchasing Product To Sell Chad,

I purchased your book a couple of weeks ago and have printed it out  and started reading it and wanted to tell you how much information you  are providing. You have really got me to thinking that this might be something worth putting the effort in to. 

I am glad you tell readers to read to the end before going out and purchasing product to sell. I think that is a great point. I'll write back when I have read more. It is a lot to process!!



Business On Ebay Chad,

I am so excited to finish reading everything I have received from you. I am a very motivated person & am ready to accelerate my business on EBAY. I am going to get out of my 8-5 job.......

Thank you again for having this great information out there.



Liquidation Exposed Hello Chad,
Your book helped me a lot and I admire your knowledge and experience to share with others.

Best Regards,
Hemi Kim


Product Testimonial Hello Chad Maslak!

I would really like to market your product. feel free to call me @xxx-xxx-xxxx-
Best regards, N. Y.A.


Ultimate Surplus Guide Chad - Because I bought your ultimate surplus guide - I occasionally get some 'freebies' from you. Thanks for that!

Louise U.


Surplus Buying Guide Chad - I have created an affiliate link to your product and I include it in every eMail message I send out... your book has inspired me to look in a different direction...

Anonymous (from survey response)


Ultimate Surplus I have found The Ultimate Surplus to be a Great asset for me. The topics discussed are simply the best and most informative. I feel that I can finally make a success out of my online efforts. I also feel the purchase price was more than fair, the tips and support are constantly coming. I also recieve FREE Video to watch and learn from. This is more than I thought it would be. I seem to have found the answers I was hunting for! It's (AWESOME).

Anonymous (from survey response)


Surplus Wholesale Book This is the only book you need ever!!!!! To get started, grow, and profit constantly. This book has all the answer you need!!!!!!!!!! 11 out of 10!

Anonymous (from survey response)


Wholesale Niche Tons of information to help you find your niche.

Anonymous (from survey response)


Wholesale Buying Best source for wholesale buying!

Anonymous (from survey response)


Buy To Resell A great way to turn items quickly and make some extra money without spending a lot of extra time.

Anonymous (from survey response)


Surplus Information The information is pretty good and the newsletters are informative.

Anonymous (from survey response)


Surplus Information "I want to thank you again for taking time to talk to me today. You spent nearly an hour with me and that is a lot of time to take.

I purchased the eBook and have downloaded it, and plan to start reading it right away. I am looking forward to speaking with you again after I have read it, and hopefully both of us making some
money" :-).

Bruce O., from Ohio