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How To Profit In Difficult Times with Liquidator Products!

As we face a challenged economy, liquidators, retailers, and wholesale suppliers from large corporations to mom and pop sellers face challenging times trying to sell their product in a struggling economy.

Life is full of change and diversity. Most people do not like change but change is the reality of life.

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    If you understand that change can be good, and you know how to handle it, you can ride the tides of change to benefit even in a struggling economic time.

    As with people, businesses change and those that keep up with the change will be the winners. Let me share with you some "changing tides" in the liquidation industry and how you as a wholesale liquidator or surplus liquidator can ride the tides of change to put profits in your pockets even in difficult economic times.

    In 2005, one of the two biggest reclamation centers in the U.S. purchased Macy's Department Stores. "The combined company has shuttered approximately 90 stores and increased its focus on in-store brands rather than mass-market labels. At the same time, middle-market retailers like J.C. Penney Co. and Kohl's Corp. are demanding exclusive brands that can't be found elsewhere."

    So you may be asking so what?

    This is important because these stores all liquidate their surplus, closeouts, salvage and liquidation merchandise in all categories through either one of the two, (if not both) major reclamation centers. These are the same places that wholesale liquidators, surplus and liquidation dealers get this same merchandise from.

    What this means is if well known major retail companies are looking for exclusive brands and moving away from generic items, guess what? If you can pick up these items and know where to get them, do you think you'll have exclusive products to sale?

    Of course you will!

    For example, Craftsman tool company forbids the sale of their secondary market items (surplus) to be sold in the U.S. They only allow their liquidators to sell them overseas, but how popular would you be if you got a hold of Craftsman tools and were a supplier to a global market? Real popular!

    If you got a hold of an exclusive line of merchandise that people want and could only be found at a certain retail store, I would imagine you would do well!

    These retail stores liquidate their secondary product merchandise to these major reclamation centers who then in turn sell them to surplus dealers who sell them to you at a lot higher markup!

    Here are two keys to surviving and profiting in difficult economic times with liquidations, wholesale merchandise, closeout merchandise and other types of liquidation surplus products.

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    1. Remember, when times are difficult, you have the ability to buy low! As long as retail stores are in business there will always be a secondary market for products. The key is to buy necessities that people will need to buy. You can purchase these items in bulk and resell these for lower costs to bargain seeking consumers.

    2. Remember, we are now in a global economy. The market can be reached with a strong online presence.

    The issue is learning where and how to buy surplus liquidation products for pennies on the dollar to resell for profits!

    The good news is I reveal who the major reclamation centers that all major retail stores such as J.C. Penny's, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, and others liquidate their products through in my book::

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    Plus I reveal sources of wholesale tell you how to deal with them and HOW to buy from them to maximize your profits!

    The better news is not only do I tell you where and HOW to buy from liquidators, but why not cut out the middle man and go direct to the source? I show you where, and HOW to contact and buy from the reclamation centers!

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