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    How To Sell Surplus
    and Closeout Merchandise!

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  • Imagine the excitement of receiving a shipment of surplus stock and liquidated merchandise filled with name brand top of the line products in high demand. As you begin to rummage through the treasures, you begin to see the dollar signs in your eyes.

    I remember the fun part of getting pallet loads was digging through all of them and locating all the high end merchandise.

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    The funner part was even playing with them. They have to be tested right?

    Well, as I would purchase the loads, I would evaluate the manifest, calculate the costs and determine the return on investment that was needed.

    Once the pallets came in, I knew exactly what I was looking for as I would rummage through them. I can remember specifically locating the camcorders, digital cameras and other high end merchandise. You can imagine my excitement as I would see the boxes of items such as a Sony DCR-DVD201 Camcorder.

    You can also imagine the dismay of opening the box and finding only the accessories or a camcorder that is in pieces! Yikes!

    That is a serious high to a serious discouraging low in a split second!

    The sad truth is this is knowing the reality of closeout products and the salvage business. This is why it is absolutely essential BEFORE purchasing surplus inventory to:

    1. Calculate your costs
    2. Determine your needed return on investment
    3. Know the type of product you're purchasing and understand that you must take into account the defect percentage BEFORE you purchase...

    4. and having a plan to know what to do with that defective merchandise.

    Ask questions from your closeout or salvage dealers before you purchase to see how much percentage of defective product you can expect. There are several other key questions to ask but this is one answer that you must absolutely have.

    If it is an empty box, make sure you let your dealer know so you can obtain a credit for that missing product.

    What most people who purchase surplus products do not understand is that many of these can be returns, recalled products or items that simply have been damaged by the customer or even by the store staff. Perhaps it was damaged in shipment. Many people will purchase closeout items or surplus pallets blindly without knowing key pieces of information and without knowing vital pieces of information BEFORE purchasing! This can seriously cost you. You run the risk of losing a lot of money.

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    I could share story after story of people telling me with excitement the great find they had when they went to this salvage dealers shop named Joe's place or went to some salvage auction and thought they had scored hot closeout merchandise that would make them a boatload of money! In a split second their utter excitement immediately turned to complete disappointment upon realizing that they had just purchased a pallet of "junk" that either didn't work or was broken!

    Don't let this be you. The bottom line is:

    1. Know and understand what type of surplus products you are purchasing.

    2. Know your investment costs.

    3. Determine the percentage of defects to expect.

    4. Realize it will happen and have a plan to move them.

    5. Remember things are not always as good as they seem and things are not always as bad as they seem. In other words keep a realistic expectation and don't get to high or to low. Don't become a yo-yo.

    Keep reasonable expectations and make sure to do your homework before making the investment. Make sure to ask the key questions.

    The best news is I have laid out the key questions to ask and have showed you how to calculate the percentages as well as sharing how you can have a plan to move defective closeout products.

    Better yet, I show you HOW and WHERE to buy wholesale,
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    If you're really serious about starting your wholesale business, are you willing to waste hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars making costly mistakes?

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