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Avoid The Wholesale Dealers Scam!

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    Dealing with surplus and wholesale dealers have caused many people to become a statistic of fraud and scam.

    If you have my book, please read it and it will keep you from becoming a statistic like the story you are about to read.

    If you don't have my book, then please get your copy and then read it and it will keep you from becoming a statistic of the wholesale dealer scam like the story you are about to read.

    (This is an actual email I received.)

    "I know ______ (name blanked out for privacy purposes) seems to apparently have ripped me off.. None of their emails on their website work. I should've tried them before I sent them any money. _________ is probably ______ (name blanked out for privacy purposes) renamed. They rip people off then change there name and do the rip off all over again!"

    Unfortunately, this is a common and typical horror story. There are many places that will put up a web site offering great products offering a whole boat load of wholesale pallets at an extremely low price, then take your money and then disappear! It is not an uncommon situation!

    A quick tip you can do moving forward is to type in the company name in Google and then add + fraud or + scam after the name. This will tell you if there are any complaints on the company. Another thing you can do is reference ripoffreport.com or scam.com and obviously check with the bbb.org in your city.

    I would strongly suggest these before sending wholesale liquidators any money. I list over 30 fraud and internet resources which will help you to check out any company before making a purchase in my book

    Plus I list over 1000 legitimate sources which also includes the main sources a majority of the surplus dealers get their merchandise from. With my book, this does NOT need to happen to you. All you have to do is read it and then use the resources.

    No longer do you have to go through the middleman and worry about becoming a statistic of these types of scams.

    Here are some common questions with answers when it comes to dealing with wholesale dealers.

    1. Where can I find true wholesale surplus, liquidation or closeout products?

    Do you have a wholesale list, and if so, how is your list or wholesale guide any different from the ones that people are selling on eBay for $1.99?

    This is the golden question and the very first one that everyone seems to ask. The internet is bombarded with cheap wholesale directories of supposed eBay sources of wholesalers, discount dealers and liquidation sources. The saying goes you get what you pay for. The problem with these is that most people don't know that the you're not going to find the major reclamation centers or many legitimate surplus or wholesale distributors doing a Google search because they're in the business of selling their products not trying to get ranked in the search engines. You may find some but most of what you'll find are middlemen looking to sap your profits.

    I've scoured the internet looking for wholesale information on as many search terms as I could to find the major reclamation centers and they just don't appear. In fact, one of the major reclamation centers at my last knowledge didn't even have a place where you could buy their products from through a website!

    This is a center that deals with Macy's, Bloomingdales and other well known retail stores. I have provided the major reclamation sources and legitimate dealers in my book and have revealed how to go about getting an account with them and purchasing from them. This is as direct from the source as you can get. Along with the major reclamation centers, I have also provided a list of hundreds of manufacturers, wholesale distributors and other wholesale suppliers as well.

    There are over 1000 individual sources and listings but I have also included instruction on how to locate dealers and manufacturers of wholesale stock and liquidated products right in someone's own city meaning that a person will be able to find hundreds of their own sources as well.

    2. What kinds of products should I sell?

    You want to find closeout products that people are buying and not necessarily products that you're only interested in. Don't get me wrong, you should sell products that you are interested in but you want to make sure there is market willing to buy those products before you purchase them. If you're into purple pickle toy cars and nobody else is, you'll have a whole lot of purple pickle cars for your kids to play with.

    I've sold products that I wasn't all that interested in but I purchased them to sell because I knew there was good profit on the resale. Determine the potential of the market category and if it's there, then go for it and if it's a product you're interested in, then you've got the best of both worlds.

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    3. Can I fit this business opportunity around my current job?

    Yes, I say the best way to start a business is to keep your current job and work as much as you can in your own business when you're not at work! The reason is because you still have an income coming in before you start making money with your own business and plus it gives you a motivational edge. If you're hungry for it, you'll do what it takes.

    Most people dream of all the perks of running their own business, but most don't understand it takes work. You can succeed if you work at it, but your dinner doesn't get cooked until you actually do the work. Having the right knowledge before you do it and the drive and hunger to do it will only greatly increase your chances of success.

    I know personally of several people who got into this having a full time job and selling on the side

    4. I've heard of people getting scammed when purchasing from wholesalers. How can I tell I'm dealing with a legitimate wholesale supplier?

    This is a great question and is one of the first questions people should ask when first getting involved with wholesale companies or liquidation and surplus dealers.

    First use common sense, make sure you have all of their contact info. If you're on a website and you don't see a phone number or email address, beware. Test their customer support. Call them ask questions. Beware if nobody ever answers the phone during normal business hours when you call at different times. Make sure they have a physical address to visit their facility.

    Beware of minimum purchase requirements and over-hyped claims of name brand products as ridiculously low prices. You can get great deals but for instance beware of wholesale dealers that say they can get you 250 Sony Cybershot Digital Cameras for $10.00 each. That's just not going to happen unless someone stole them from Sony.

    Other red flags are not being able to inspect the merchandise and charging fees for catalogs or memberships. Stay away from cheap wholesale lists as well.

    There are places you can reference on the internet to look for companies that have fraud complaints which I list in the book. I highly recommend to check out any company using these sources before getting involved with them. A complaint here or there shouldn't be alarming but if you notice a consistent pattern then be alarmed.

    However, pick up your copy of my book

    and you'll never have to worry about these types of issues! You'll learn all you need to do to safely buy wholesale bulk products from wholesale dealers and surplus liquidators to start making money today!
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