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You've seen them all over the country and all over the world. Dollar stores such as Dollar Tree, Deal Tree, Dollar General Store, Everythings $1.00 and stores that offer wholesale dollar merchandise.

Due to the low cost of goods, many people pick up excellent dollar store wholesale items at rock bottom prices. You may wonder how in the world these stores make their money but the profits are made by selling in volume.

In tough economic times, many people are flocking to purchase flea market merchandise, dollar store wholesalers and even wholesale dollar store suppliers to save as much money as they can.

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What this means is opportunity arises to make money selling low cost goods and wholesale dollar store items.

How to Open a Dollar Store

Selling dollar store products is like any other retail business. It's about profitability. For this reason it's very important to remember that there are critical elements to your success in this business.

Just like any other business or real estate, location is "key" for any successful retail venture. When considering a particular location, get in touch with a local real estate agent and get some demographics on the area where you are considering a discount dollar store.

Do your homework to find out which are the other successful retail stores in your area. Discover the best possible operations scenario and research your strategies. For example, locate your store next to an already established high profile store chain and piggyback off of their traffic. Open your store in a large development. Or perhaps you may find you are the only dollar store franchise in your area.

Once you determine the right location, you want to make sure to negotiate the best lease as possible. You want to keep overhead as low as possible out of the gates since it will eat into your profits.

However, you must balance the equation. For instance, if you got a free building in a place where nobody goes - you won't make any money (unless of course you have your dollar store online as your sole focus) but then why would you really need a storefront unless you are simply storing stock? But if you were paying a reasonable amount every month and getting floods of traffic, then that is certainly an investment well spent because you are paying for the traffic to your store and not just rent. So you see why location is important.

Selling Dollar Store Merchandise
Now that you have the perfect place, you're now ready to set up shop. Now you just need to determine your business model. The most popular models are a dollar variety store, a dollar general store, or a dollar only store.

It's very important to establish which type of model you will embrace because it will determine your dollar store items. Especially in today's current economic situation, in challenging economic times, entrepreneurs are leaning toward opening the dollar variety store.

The difference between this type of shop verses the others are this store will sell about half of their dollar products for $1.00. The rest of they products, they sell for a "value" price or "discounted" price. This gives the retailers a broader selection of products and value they can offer to their customers. The results are the store owner gets more profit and the consumer get more value.

Finding Wholesale Dollar Store Products
When beginning your dollar store, you have several options. You can franchise, turnkey, member affiliates but all of these options can be expensive. That means the more money you spend, the less you have to invest in inventory and your investment in product stock is what's going to make you money.

Now that you've got your building you want to negotiate your prices for installing the proper fixtures and lighting, get your store accessories and shelves and other things necessary. Now you're finally ready to stock it with the goods.

So here's the million dollar question. Where do you find a good dollar store distributor that will sell you wholesale dollar store merchandise?

Good question. Let me share with you a few different sources. Here is a freebie, www.dollaritem.com is known as Concord. They have been supplying wholesale dollar merchandise to retailers for over 23 years. They are one of the largest dollar store distributors and with a small deposit, they will even recommend your opening inventory exclusively for your demographic.

Another excellent resource to find numerous dollar store items is in this excellent membership site!

Check out where to find dollar store wholesalers and tons of wholesale dollar merchandise here!

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