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I remember years ago when the original Nintendo system first came out. It was the SNES Nintendo, Nintendo DS and Mario Brothers was the rage in the gaming world. For those looking for Nintendo wholesale buys, we are now witnessing one of the breakthroughs in gaming in the Nintendo Wii!

The Nintendo Wii console is the seventh generation video game console by the Nintendo group. It is the first of its kind featuring the Wii remote wireless controller detecting motion and rotation in three dimensions with a rumbling device and speaker.

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The Wii is a breakthrough system in the sense that actually play games with physical motion with the use of the wireless remote. Users play by swinging, pointing and brushing and more. Gone are the days of the old Atari thumb, but perhpas the Wii will start giving users issues like Tennis elbow and other related motion issues!

The Nintendo Wii game console was introduced in 2006 and experts say that the Wii gaming system would not become obsolete for another 50 years or more.

This means that purchasing Wholesale Nintendo Wii to resell will give you a long lasting business model, if indeed experts are correct. Being reverse compatible, it can play games from several other systems. These gaming systems include the NSE, SNES, the Nintendo n64 and can play one of the most famous Nintendo games - the Nintendo Zelda, that is the Legend of Zelda.

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